• AFJROTC IV-(will be offered 2026-2027)

    Leadership Education 400: Fundamentals of Management.

    Aerospace Science 300: Frontier Second Edition is typically the third/fourth-year science course in the high school sequence of Aerospace Science courses for the Air Force Junior ROTC. This course has been completely rewritten to include the latest information and teaching philosophies, incorporating 21st‐century learning strategies. This new course provides students with the latest information on exploring space and an introduction to cybersecurity and technology. It begins with early astronomy and the basic interest in the universe from the Greeks through the Renaissance and Enlightenment ages. Students will be provided an in-depth view of the solar system, including Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and planets. The text also discusses the history of space travel and more modern space probes and robotics. Students will examine the effects of space on the human body. The text also investigates the history of rockets, launch vehicles, and the coordinated systems required for a successful launch into space. Finally, the text will offer a cybersecurity chapter that outlines the importance of cybersecurity in space and in daily life. (One-credit, one-year practical art for grade 12.) Prerequisites: AFJROTC I, II & III.