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  • Grammar
    Diagramming sentences This is a great site! It shows how to diagram sentences that range from simple sentences to complex sentences.


    Purplemath--This is my go-to site for figuring out algebra and geometry concepts for grade 5th and up.  Love it!  It has great explanations and examples that walk you through the process step by step.  Two thumbs up!

    AAAMath Great math site! This site has many math topics for Kindergarten through Grade 8.

    Illustrated Math Dictionary Not sure about a math term? Use this dictionary to see the definition with a picture to help comprehension!

    Basic Math Skills This website explains addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in an easy-to-understand format. Percentages (%), decimals (.) and fractions (1/2) are also well explained.

    Algebra Topics include: factoring, simplifying, exponents, and linear equations. This site makes it easier to understand using algebra in everyday life.

    Geometry Polygons, Pi, and all kinds of angles are covered in this website. Check it out!

    Charts and Graphs What is a pie chart? What is a pictograph, and why would you use one? Find out at this website that explains different ways to use data. You can even learn about probability here.

    Measurements of all kinds Find out about US standard and metric measurements, time, temperature, converting one measurement to another!

    Math Playground A fun way to practice math!
  great info for K-5, 6-8, teachers, and parents about money.  I especially like the Money section for Teens Grades 6-8. 



    AAASpell Great spelling and Vocabulary activities for Grade 1-Grade 8!



    United States geography

    World geography

    Photos of cool places in the US

    Social Studies

    Adventure Tales of America--Illustrated US History Books  --Pre-colonization through the Great Depression in graphic novel style volumes that can be read online or printed.  There are also several other books featuring the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, Arkansas, and more.  Great site!
  website.  Questions about government, history, and other Social Studies topics.  This site breaks up information into different levels:  Kids  K-Grade 5, Teens Grades 6-8, Teachers, and even Parents, too!  Super!

    Mr. Nussbaum's History Page A really cool page with lots of United States history information and activities.