• Magic Keys This site has FREE online stories for young children, older children, and young adults. I especially like the stories for the young adults.

    Wired For Books A great site that lets you listen to some classic stories such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. The Beatrix Potter stories are available in several different languages. You can also listen to great stories by other authors such as Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, and L. Frank Baum.

    byGosh This a super site for older students and adults. There are short stories, classic stories, novels, poems, and nonfiction selections. Reading levels vary, but there is a nice variety of works.

    Read Print This is another great site that offers online books for young adults and adults. There are many choices available in the following categories: essays, fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, and short stories. The reading levels vary, but there are lots of possible choices.

    This website is FULL of links to stories, books, and writing activities! Many of the stories are great for younger readers, but there is something there for all reading levels and interests.

    East of the Web This website has many, many short stories for everyone. There are fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, humor, crime, and children's sections. There is also an interactive section, but I have not played with it at all, so parents may want to check it out first.

    Popular Children's Stories This website has nursery rhymes, picture stories, educational stories, and story series. The Holiday Stories are really interesting! Cool site!

    Best Online Classic Children's Books This site is a little difficult to navigate because there are SO MANY STORIES. The stories are arranged by genre, or topic. If you want to read nature stories, just find the section called "Nature Stories". This site is probably best for older students, but there are stories for younger readers, too. You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING; just scroll down to the story!