Fun Games

  • Lemons for Literacy Great game for matching words and definitions. The best thing about it though, is that you get to help someone else at the same time. You can help provide resources so that people can learn to read!

    Free Rice Another great vocabulary site that will donate rice to combat world hunger.

    ESL Games Great learning activities and games! Games Require Flash or Shockwave

    Clueword Multilingual word puzzles - word searches, crosswords, hangman and other puzzles in different languages.
    Fun games for practicing English as well as other languages

    Fowl Words and Fowl Words 2 are great spelling games with funny chicken sounds.

    Fun typing games Great games to practice using the QWERTY keyboard (common English computer keyboard or typewriter)

    ¡Colorín Colorado! A bilingual site for families and teachers of English language learners . This is an EXCELLENT website. It has many resources for parents and teachers.

    Interesting things for ESL students One of my favorite sites! Lots of games and activities to help develop English skills. Great site for Kindergarten-Grade 5. There are reading and math games. There are also games to play just for fun!