• Below is a list of national search engines and scholarship programs.  Students have the opportunity to research scholarships that are specific to him/her.  Please use good judgement when giving out personal information online.
  • Accounting.com
    Accounting.com helps students who face financial burdens. We compiled an open-use resource that provides information on paying for an accounting degree, including details on available scholarships and a directory of some of the best awards for accounting students.


  • Empathize.com
    Information on how to research your college's policies on scholarships, what to watch out for when you have a job on the side during college, ways to work with the scholarship provider to get the benefit of the scholarship, which scholarships are available for students that came through the foster care system and much more.

  • My Scholarship Central connects students to financial resources for college. The My Scholarship Central Search Tool helps students in MIssouri, Kansas City, Kansas, and the Metro East counties of St. Louis in Illinois find the scholarship providers that serve their area. Students can also apply to more than 100 scholarships and interest-free loan programs that collect applications through My Scholarship Central.

  • Purdue Global
    45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students"  This resource shares 45+ financial aid scholarships for prospective, undergraduate, and graduate students to supplement the cost of their education. This resource provides students with both tips on how to apply for scholarships, as well as an extensive list of scholarships and grants. Also highlighted within the resource are opportunities dedicated to specific demographics such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Students, Native Americans.