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Apply for free or reduced lunch anytime!

Hey parents, we see you! Sometimes life with kids seems like an endless juggle, an insurmountable to-do list filled with pressures and strains on our time and finances. BUT - in our small way, CJ School District wants to help you.

We have a program that could help your child eat a delicious breakfast and lunch at school possibly for free! Eligibility is determined by total household size (infants to elderly - anyone in the home) and pre-tax income. For example - if your family/household has 4 people and your combined income is less than $47,638 annually ($3,970 monthly) you may qualify for at least reduced rates! - .40 for a lunch!

There are concerns, here - we get that too! One common thing we hear...

"My kids don't like school lunch." - They don't have to choose to eat it every day! Our menus are posted online and include kid-friendly but nutrient-rich things like hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, and pizza (along with healthy side dishes)! Junior High and High School are offered a LARGE VARIETY of options.
Pick and choose your favorite days and reap the benefits of the free/reduced lunch program.

Children on the program are not in any way differentiated from children not on the program. If your life situations change, forms are adaptable all throughout the school year. AND there is one more thing we want to share.. this helps OUR SCHOOL TOO! A letter recently went out to all of our families from Assistant Superintendent David Pyle, "The school district benefits from the program because part of our state funding is directly tied to our participation. We have calculated that an increase of only 100 students would result in nearly $100,000 of increased funding through the Missouri School Foundation Formula. These funds would benefit all students by providing additional revenue to support our programs."

That's what we call a WIN - WIN. Even if you think it is a POSSIBILITY that you or your kids may benefit from this program, please fill it out for our school's sake.

You can find the form on our website, check out the guidelines here: (hyperlink near bottom of page)
or simply fill out the one that was mailed to you. Return it yourself to a school office/central office, send it with your child to hand in to their office or teacher, or simply mail it back to us at Carl Junction Schools, Attn: Mary Matney, 206 S Roney, Carl Junction, MO 64834.


Best of luck with the parenting juggle friends! Thanks for your time!! ❤️