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Richardson joins High School staff

With the approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Jasper County Juvenile Court, the Carl Junction Board of Education paved-the-way for the appointment of Kalleigh Richard to begin work at Carl Junction High School this month.

Richardson’s goal is to keep at-risk students in school and still able to receive the services that they need from their Juvenile Officer. Carl Junction High School is the most recent school to join in this partnership following Joplin, Carthage, and Webb City.

“The Jasper County Juvenile Office is the first in the state of Missouri to recognize the need to have student-centered, non-punitive, daily interactions in an educational environment with students,” said High School Assistant Principal Kyle Williams.

Juvenile Officer Kalleigh Richardson will work with CJHS students who are currently receiving services from the Jasper County Juvenile Office including Diversion Court or Truancy programs.

“This does not change what we do regarding our policies and procedures, it just adds another layer of support for our students and their families that is on-site to ensure that kids stay in school,” added Williams.

Richardson will also be working with the Wellness Committee to establish an anti-vaping educational program.