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Enrichment Resources Available

March 30, 2020

CJ Families --
Enrichment Resources are now available! Teachers have been working diligently to provide meaningful enrichment resources and activities for students throughout the district and have done a great job!
Please use the resources as a means to retain and continue learning, create some stability in these uncertain times, and help give continuity to your days at home. You will find a suggested daily schedule for school work along with the resources. This is designed to help you know expectations for learning but is in no way a mandate that the amount of time is required. In fact, you are welcome to spend more or less time on the activities depending upon your family’s unique situations.
More importantly though, these enrichment resources will not be turned in or graded (except by choice for students at the high school level.) Please do not stress about getting everything completed perfectly. Also, please know that these resources are not more important than emotional health. This is a trying time for everyone, so maintain perspective on what is really important. I recently read a post discussing education in the aftermath of Katrina. The most important thing they said was that the students affected did not have adverse effects due to missing a few weeks of school. Students were ok and have become successful in spite of it!
All Enrichment Resources have been placed on the district’s website ( for your convenience. We have updated the website to better accommodate your access to these materials. Each building has its own link on the home page and there is also a link for TeacherEase and Canvas. Students in Grades K-3 can now access their resources through their building’s web link. Students in Grades 4-12 can access their resources through the Canvas link. New or updated resources will be posted at these links each Monday while we are out of school.
In addition, any new announcements from the buildings will be available on each building’s website. I encourage you to check periodically to ensure you are seeing the latest information. We are hoping to streamline the number of contacts you are receiving from the school. We know it can be overwhelming, especially for families with more than one student. Please know that responses to the communication are not necessary most of the time unless the communication says specifically to respond.
As you begin this new adventure, please feel free to contact me, your principals and/or teachers for questions you may have. Take care!
Dr. Kathy Tackett
Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction