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School is closed

CJ Family,

I am sad to announce that Governor Parson has closed Missouri schools for the remainder of the year.  I am surprised by this announcement and did not expect it now.  However, I completely support and appreciate the work of our Governor.  He is compassionate and cares about nothing but the welfare of his fellow Missourians.  He is leading this great state with dignity, and I have total respect for his decision.

Our district will stay committed to our students and meet their needs in every way we can.  I am so proud of our staff, students, and families. The dedication and resilience I see is inspiring.

I had planned to send an update to our community the first of next week.  I know many of you are getting a lot of messages and updates from the school, and I felt you didn’t need one more added by me.  The news of this afternoon has prompted me to reach out.  I would be lying if I said I have all the answers right now. 

As your superintendent and as a parent of a senior at CJHS, I am trying to process.  My son is also a baseball player and will not have an opportunity to play his senior season.  My only motivation for mentioning that is to illustrate how I empathize with so many of our students and families who are saying this “just isn’t fair.”  So many are heartbroken, and I understand. 

This community is tough and resilient.  We understand this is a bad break for so many.  I know we are going to continue to work together, celebrate the wonderful things that are in our lives, and pray for mercy, grace, and healing for our brothers and sisters in need.  We are going to continue to support our neighbors and welcome the support we receive in return.  We are also going to stay strong and do our parts to continue to flatten the curve.

There are decisions that will be made in the near future.  I promise every decision will be made with the well-being of our students first.  We will leave no stone unturned to do what is best.  As we know more, we will provide the information.

In the meantime, continue to pray with me for strength, wisdom, and healing.

I love each and every one of you.  God Bless,