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Note to Seniors & their Families

Note to Seniors and their Families:

I am writing to you, again, following the official closure of Missouri Schools by Governor Parson last Thursday. Since then, I have reflected, processed, observed the world around me and prayed. I know nearly everyone is looking for answers to the end of this school year. I do not have those answers right now. Carl Junction Schools is always deliberate and thorough when making decisions. My experience is when we make reactionary decisions, we spend unnecessary time trying to fix what we start.

Yesterday morning, my family and I participated in a ZOOM Easter service. While it was neat and accomplished what was intended, it was not “traditional.” I’ve also been looking at Facebook. I have noted people posting their Senior pictures in honor of the Class of 2020. I even posted my own picture that showed me about 50 pounds lighter. LOL!!! Many of my classmates from the 1980s have also posted their pictures. I couldn’t help but reminisce and think about the great times we had, especially at the end of my Senior year. I remember spending the last few days of high school with my friends and even leaving school for the last time. There are a lot of things that are “traditional,” for which our seniors and their families are going to miss out. We know this time is not normal or “traditional.” However, it can still be special and create memories that our students will carry with themselves forever.

On September 11, 2001, I was watching the terrorist attacks on our country from my office in CJHS. That night I held my son Cooper, who, at the time, was a little over 2 months old. He is now one of our Seniors at Carl Junction High School. I prayed for our country and knew that our world would never be the same. Our Seniors were born in a time of many unknowns in this country. Now, with one of the first milestones of their lives in the near future, they are facing a world with many unknowns again. We cannot let the circumstances of this pandemic take away from the memories of our students and their families. They have committed too much during the last 13 years to let this situation pass without our full attention.

I am sure Theresa Wilson did not plan on ending her first year as high school principal this way. She is doing an outstanding job leading her students and staff during this school closure. She is currently working with staff, administration and parents to look at all options to make the end of the year and the end of our seniors’ school career as memorable and close to “traditional” as possible. Our seniors and their families have been patient and flexible. We appreciate your understanding and ask for the same for a while longer. We are not pressed to make decisions of this magnitude right away. We are going to continue to be deliberate, thorough, and collect as much information and data as we can before we make final decisions concerning the end of this school year.
The “traditions” of the end of our school year are weighing heavily on all our minds. The memories created in the next few months are extremely important to this school district and me. It’s different and not normal, but it will still be special. I promise!!!

We will continue to get information out to our families as it becomes available.

Until next time, stay safe and God Bless,