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Wellness Break Update: April 30

Wellness Break Update 4-30-20

A few weeks ago, I told our community, in an update, that the district was not going to make any decisions about end-of-the-year events until the first of May. Thank you all so much for your patience as we have watched the world around us. I have been praying, since then, for this pandemic to improve.  Because of our prayers, efforts to social distance ourselves, and sacrifices made by all of us, things look better today in our area. Those improved conditions have encouraged our Governor to start the process of re-opening our state. As a result, we have more flexibility today than we did a few weeks ago. This flexibility allows us to have a more appropriate end to our school year. 

As promised, the administrative team at CJ Schools will meet today to start formulating plans for a large number of issues that face our students and their families. By the middle of next week, we will start releasing those plans to our community in a deliberate and focused manner. One of our tasks is to prioritize all our issues before developing any plans. We will tackle, what we believe are, the most crucial and pressing issues for our families first. 

Even though we have more flexibility, we will develop plans that promote the safety of our students, staff, and community while still attempting to have an appropriate, face-to-face, more personal experience. I don’t know what our plans will look like and will not be developing them myself. We have very talented, creative individuals in this district that will work together to do what is best.

In closing, I must admit that I am very excited to be starting this process. While I acknowledge every plan will not be perfect and please everyone, that is our goal. We are going to give this our all and work to create moments that are memorable for our students, their families, our staff, and our awesome community.

Be looking for more updates soon!!

God Bless you and stay safe,