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Reading with the FAB 4

Do you remember learning to read? Did you ever find that “love to read” feeling where you can’t wait to see what happens next? To help our students really understand and become involved in what they are reading, many of our Carl Junction teachers are using a reading comprehension method called Reciprocal Teaching. With our students, we call it the FAB 4 – Predicting, Clarifying, Questioning, and Summarizing.

The FAB 4 helps engage students beyond just the words and into the meaning. Students are seeing an increase in both reading and listening comprehension. They are also transferring this method of learning into other contexts.

Carl Junction Instructional Coach Janet Johnson said, “Many of our teachers have taught the FAB 4 method in their classrooms over the past ten years. I have witnessed increased student engagement and comprehension at all grade levels. Student engagement results in deeper student thinking.”

Reciprocal teaching has seen over 30 years of success in dramatically improving reading comprehension. This technique consistently produces results of .74 growth per year, which translates to just under two years’ worth of growth in just one year.

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