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Odaffer Joins CJHS as New Girls Basketball Coach

📍 Carl Junction, May 9, 2023 — The Carl Junction High School (CJHS) is delighted to announce the appointment of Ryan Odaffer as the new head coach for the CJHS Girl’s Basketball team! 🎊👏

📚 After stepping out of administration and a return to the classroom, Odaffer's journey has come full circle as he takes the reins of the Girl’s Basketball program. Previously, he served as the CJHS Boys’ Basketball coach from 2008 to 2012, following a successful stint as the Boy’s Assistant Basketball Coach at Webb City.

🏀 Odaffer's basketball background is impressive, having excelled both as a player and coach. He began his playing career at Labette County High School, where he led his team to a State Runner-Up finish and was honored as the 4A Player of the Year and a Top 5 All-Class/All-State player. He then continued his basketball journey at Pitt State from 2000 to 2005.

👨‍👧 During the current school year, Odaffer had the opportunity to coach his own daughter as the CJJH 7th-grade coach, stating, "It's been great to have had the last 8 years to watch my own kids play." His coaching experience spans various age groups in BYAA basketball, and he has also organized multiple skills nights to nurture player development.

🔥 "I have always had a passion for great basketball, and one way I wanted to give back was to try and develop younger players in the Carl Junction School District. I had no clue that I would one day get the chance to coach these kids when they got to high school. The timing seemed right, and I am really excited for this upcoming season," shared Odaffer, expressing his enthusiasm for the new opportunity.

🏆 Stepping into a program with a rich history, Odaffer recognizes the achievements of his predecessor, Coach Shorter, who led the team to multiple conference and district championships and last year's State Runner-Up finish. "Shorter is a class act and has put this program in amazing shape. My hope is to continue that legacy in the way this program has competed, and the way Coach Shorter carried himself," Odaffer added.

💪 With the leadership of seniors Kylie Scott and Anna Burch, the CJHS girls’ basketball program is in excellent hands. Odaffer is thrilled and ready to dive back into the coaching circle, determined to build on the program's success and propel it to even greater heights.

📅 The Carl Junction community eagerly awaits the upcoming season, filled with anticipation for the positive impact Coach Odaffer will bring to the CJHS Girls’ basketball team. Let's join in supporting and cheering for our Lady Bulldogs! 🐾🏀