2-3 Title 1 Plan

2021-2022 2-3 School, Parent, and Family Engagement Plan


Building Leadership Team

Team Member Role

Team Member Name


Isaiah Basye

Nate Loewen

Ashton Platt


Austin Rhodes

Cory Kerbs

Sara Graham

Becky Kerr

Jennifer Shaner

Ke’Olani Addis

Aimee Golden (counselor)

School Leaders

Brad Shorter

Lauri Mead

Meeting Dates

9/3/21, 11/12/21, 1/14/22, 3/11/22, 5/20/22


Coordination with Other Federal, State, and Local Programs

Federal Titles/Acts

Program Representative

Representative Role

Title 1 School Improv

Becky Kerr

Jennifer Shaner

Ke’Olani Addis




Title II.A

Kathy Tackett

Asst. Superintendent

Title IV.A

Gretchen DeMasters

Federal Programs Dir


Gretchen DeMasters

Homeless Coordinator











Strategies to Address School Needs

Supplemental Instruction

Subject Area

Grade Levels




Delivery of Supplemental Instruction Services

  1. LLI
  2. Pull Out/Resource Classroom
  3. Push-In/Regular Classroom


Instructional Personnel

Supplemental Reading/ELA- Teachers


Class Size Reduction

Grade Level- 2,3



  • Professional Learning Communities
  • School-wide BIST
  • Response to Intervention


Strategies will:

  • Provide opportunities for all children, including subgroups of students, to meet the challenging Missouri Learning Standards.
    • Available to all students, address learning gaps, give students specific strategies to be successful
  • Use methods and instructional strategies that strengthen the academic program in the school.
    • More individualized attention to address student needs



  • Address the needs of all children in the school, but particularly the needs of those at-risk of not meeting the Missouri Learning Standards
  • LLI Intervention instruction and small group reading instruction in addition to the Tier 1 instruction they receive in the classroom





Activities will:

  • Improve students’ skills outside the academic subject areas
    • Specialized instructional support services
  • Implementing a school-wide tiered model to prevent and address problem behavior and early intervention services
  • Professional development and other activities for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel
    • Delivery of PD services
    • Instructional Coach
    • Third-party contracts
  • Professional development activities that address the prioritized needs
    • Training for reading in LLI
    • Training for Fundations
  • Strategies for assisting transitioning into a new building
    • Tour/ Meet and Greet
    • Visits to building