• Students with access to the internet should Zoom with their homeroom teacher at 9:00 AM. Homeroom teachers will explain to students what the schedule will look like for the day and remind students where to find their work for the day.
      • The Zoom links can be found on Canvas under each teacher’s class.
    • Students should Zoom in with each teacher at the beginning of each class. This will provide the teacher an opportunity to provide any instruction students may need, go over what is to be done for the class for the day and allow students to ask questions.  
      • Teachers will also be available to answer questions for students through email throughout the day.
    • Students will find their work on Canvas under the module “Virtual Learning”. There will be enough work for five days of virtual learning. Students only need to complete one day for each day we do virtual learning. During the initial Zoom meeting, teachers will let students know which assignment to complete for his/her class.



    • Paper/pencil packets have been provided for those without access to the internet. This will be the same work as students who are doing their work online.