White or Red Day Schedule

Virtual Learning Days

    • High School students should take their Chromebooks and chargers home daily to be prepared for any possible Virtual Learning Days.
    • Students with internet access should sign in to Canvas for each class throughout the day according to the regular bell schedule. In Canvas, teachers will post Zoom links along with assignments in “Virtual Learning Days” modules.
    • Attendance will be documented and work assigned on virtual learning days will be submitted for credit. These assignments are NOT optional.
    • We will always follow the Monday – Thursday schedule, even if the missed school day is a Friday. Classes begin at the following times: 
      • Block 1/5: 8:00
      • Block 2/6: 9:35
      • Block 3/7: 11:10
      • Block 4/8: 1:05 
    • We plan to follow our usual red/white day calendar. Any changes to that calendar will be communicated along with the school closure announcement.
    • Blocks 1 – 4 meet on “red” days and Blocks 5 – 8 meet on “white” days. Here is a link to our red/white day calendar: https://www.cjr1.org/Page/2822

     Teachers have provided paper copies of assignments for students without reliable internet access at home. Like school work completed virtually, students are required to complete and submit assignments completed on paper