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    Sophomores and juniors, the Missouri Southern Center for Advanced Professional Studies (MOSO CAPS) is taking applications for the 2023-24 school year. Juniors and seniors who attend MOSO CAPS spend half of every day either in a class at MSSU or working as an intern in a field they are interested in. Students can choose from health sciences, human services, or business pathways. Juniors and seniors may register to attend an informative meeting about MOSO CAPS on January 25 during homeroom in the high school commons area. To register for the meeting, click here: https://buff.ly/3VSUr7t To learn more about your eligibility for the program, contact your school counselor. Seats are limited.


    At CJHS, we would like to celebrate our seniors’ plans for the future, as they are ready and with the permission of their families. Some seniors may choose to enter an apprenticeship or work-based learning program, go to trade or technical school, attend a community college or university, enter the military, or obtain employment. Some students are not ready to make this decision yet; therefore, this is an ongoing recognition program that is voluntary and can happen when students are ready.  Please use this form to learn more about the program and submit a request when/if your senior is ready to be recognized. Students may obtain a hard copy of the form from Mrs. Jones, CJHS Postsecondary Advisor.

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