Bulldog Code of Conduct

  • Carl Junction High School - Bulldog Code of Conduct

    We expect our students to exhibit behaviors that demonstrate responsibility, respect, and safety. Therefore, we have adopted the following code of student conduct in order to encourage positive behavior and maintain an orderly learning environment:


    • I will arrive to class on time.
    • I will complete and turn in all work on time.
    • I will bring all needed materials to class.
    • I will work the entire class period as directed.


    • I will use language that is positive and appropriate.
    • I will interact positively with peers and staff members.
    • I will listen actively when others speak.
    • I will care for my property, school property and the property of others.


    • I will maintain a safe environment for myself and others.
    • I will avoid behaviors that may harm me or others.
    • I will follow safety procedures.

    The complete discipline policy and guidelines can be viewed in the High School Handbook.