What is the Makerspace?

  • AASL Learner Standards

    Our library centers are standards-based learning!
    Learners engage with new knowledge by following a
    process that includes generating products that
    illustrate learning.
    Learners adapt, communicate, and exchange learning
    products with others in a cycle that includes:
    1. Interacting with content presented by others.
    2. Providing constructive feedback
    3. Acting on feedback to improve
    4. Sharing products with an authentic audience.
    Learners demonstrate empathy and equity in
    knowledge building within the global learning
    community by seeking interactions with a range of
    Learners identify collaborative opportunities by
    developing new understandings through engagement
    in a learning group.
    Learners work productively with others to solve
    problems by soliciting and responding to feedback
    from others.
    Learners actively participate with others in learning
    situations by actively contributing to group
    Learners construct new knowledge by persisting
    through self-directed pursuits by tinkering and making.
    Learners develop through experience and reflection
    by iteratively responding to challenges.

    American Association of School Librarians (AASL) National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries (2018)