• CJHS Mentoring Program
    Developed during the 2009-2010 school year, the High School Mentoring Program was created with the intention of pairing Carl Junction High School students with successful members of the community or district stakeholders. The program provides an opportunity for community members to help our at-risk students develop relationships with leaders in the community who will be positive role models for them.
    Mentors typically meet with their assigned student twice a month to connect and discuss issues such as future goals, responsibility, commitment, and the importance of graduating from high school. Mentors and students may also participate in various activities of common interest. 
    To apply, complete the attached form, email it to Jen Chase at jenchase@cjr1.org, fax it to 417-649-5790, or mail it to 206 S. Roney, Carl Junction, Missouri 64834.
    For more information on the Carl Junction High School Mentoring Program, please contact:

    Jen Chase
    CJHS Counselor
    417-649-7081, ext: 2607
  • CJHS Mentoring Program Testimonials

    Why Mentor?

    The CJHS At-Risk Committee would like to emphasize that your time is greatly appreciated, and the relationships you form with these students are invaluable. 

    After being involved in the mentoring program, we have recieved much postitive feedback from both mentors and mentees. Here is what they have to say: 

    "Carl Junction's mentoring program is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the life of a student by providing the encouragement, support, real-world experience, and knowledge he or she needs to stay in school and realize their dreams." ~ Lisa Knutzen (CJHS Mentor) 

    “It is amazing how much just 20 minutes of your time can turn into something so rewarding! It is always good to hear, “I wasn’t going to come to school today, but I remembered I was meeting with you, so here I am!” 
    ~ Tami Fredrickson (CJHS Mentor)

    These young adults will become members of society and a victim of the “system” in some circumstances of tomorrow when we are old and gray, if we don’t make a difference in their lives now, what will tomorrow be like in our life with them? “ ~ Sharon Clark (CJHS Mentor)
    When asked how students have benefitted from the mentoring relationship, mentors responded with:
    "My first student was failing and improved her grades and resumed a relationship with her grandmother because of my influence. I feel my present student is benefitting because she comes from a broken home and receives positive information from me rather than negative." ~ Sharon Clark (CJHS Mentor)

    My student made it to graduation!!!!!!!! She has also matured and grown in many ways since I first began talking with her." ~ Tami Fredrickson (CJHS Mentor)

    Mentors were asked how they have benefitted from the mentoring relationship, and responded with: 

    "I have benefitted because it makes me wiser to the less fortunate than I and more patient with the young adults." ~ Sharon Clark (CJHS Mentor)

    "I think this experience has made me realize how important it is to slow down and really spend time talking with young people. I was amazed at how open my mentee was with what was going on in her life. Just by showing up and being interested in her and listening I realized how much young people need someone “safe” to bounce things off of. By safe I mean not a parent or teacher (someone who will calmly listen and not be ready to discipline or get mad when discussing situations.)" ~ Tami Fredrickson (CJHS Mentor)

    Mentees were asked how they have benefitted from the mentoring program, and responded with:
    "I am openly involved in school programs now." 
    ~ CJHS Mentee

    "I now have insight on what jobs and colleges are looking for." ~ CJHS Mentee

    When asked if they recommend the program to other students, mentees responded with: 

    "Yes, you can be you without consequences!" ~ CJHS Mentee 

    "Yes, you can get insight on future plans." ~ CJHS Mentee 

CJHS Mentor Application

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