1) Write neatly!  Always use black or blue ink.  If possible, typing your information is preferred.

    2) Double check grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

    3) If you need counselor or teacher letters of recommendation, give plenty of advanced notice - at least two weeks is customary.

    4) If you need a transcript, give Mrs. Whelan (CJHS Registrar) advanced notice.  Request a high school transcript here.

    5) If you have an essay to write, ask your English teacher to proofread the essay for you.

    6) Don't leave anything out of the application, fill in all areas, and submit all required documents.

    7) Watch deadlines and submit applications on time!

    8) If you receive a scholarship, write a thank-you note to the selection committee.

    9) See your counselor if you need help.

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    Scholarships are listed for the user’s convenience only. The CJHS Counseling Office does not endorse any of these scholarships or contests except for the Carl Junction local scholarships that are identified with this symbol LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP . We caution students and parents to be aware that personal information submitted on the paper applications or over the Internet has no guarantee of privacy. Read each website’s privacy statement before submitting any personal information, including your email address. It is important for every applicant to research all pertinent information regarding the scholarship application and requirements in this file or on the scholarship sponsor’s website.

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