• Your child will have a homework folder that will go home every afternoon with any homework assignments they need to complete. Please, please, please be sure to sign your child's homework folder each evening after you have looked it over.

    Homework assignments should not take very long to complete, but they are important for additional practice and reinforcement of developing skills. Assignments are expected to be returned to school the following day. Please let me know if you're ever feeling overwhelmed with homework. It is not my goal to take away your family time.
    Reading assignments may vary throughout the week. If your child is reading BELOW grade level, they should try to practice reading something they enjoy for up to 15 minutes. If they choose to continue reading after that, then kudos to you!   I also encourage students to read their library books over the weekend so that they can take a Reading Counts test on Monday. The second grade goal is 12 points every month. Prizes will be given to those students who reach their Reading Counts goal. 
    In math, there may be homework throughout the week except on Fridays. Again, it will be reinforcement of skills already introduced in prior math lessons.

    As far as teaching them responsibility, I require that the folder be signed EVERY night, even if there is no homework!! This helps keep them used to the routine and excuses are rarely accepted. If the folder is NOT signed, I will assume two things: 1) they did not finish the assignment(s) and you would not sign it, or 2) they did not bring their folder home. Either way, students will lose a fuzzy as a result of not being prepared for class.
Last Modified on July 24, 2015