3rd Quarter Curriculum

  • Communication Arts
    *I can capitalize holidays, product names, and geographic names.
    *I can write a letter and use a comma in the greeting and closing.
    *I can use an apostrophe in contractions.
    *I can use an apostrophe to show possession.
    *I can use spelling patterns to spell new words.
    *I can use reference materials to help correct spelling.

    *I can choose and use the correct tool and write the correct label when measuring length, weight, temperature and time.

    *I can describe 2 and 3 dimensional shapes using attributes such as number of sides, corners and faces, length of opposite sides, parallel lines, etc.)

    *I can use manipulatives to show slides and turns.

    *I can recognize fractions of a shape. (1/2, 1/3, and 1/4)

    *I can sort objects by size, color, shape and attributes.
Last Modified on August 28, 2014