1st Quarter Curriculum

  • Communication Arts

    *I can listen carefully when others are speaking.
    *I can listen carefully when watching an informational DVD.
    *I can ask questions to help me understand new words and ideas.
    *I can ask questions to get more information.
    *I can answer questions about a story or presentation that I've heard or watched.
    *I can wait my turn to speak.
    *I can listen carefully to what others are saying.
    *I can stay on topic.
    *I can ask questions if I don't understand.
    *I can answer questions when someone needs more information.
    *I can tell a story about something that has happened to me.
    *I can speak in complete sentences with appropriate pace and volume.
    *I can create an audio recording of a story or poem.
    *I can create visual displays to go along with my topic.


    *I can read, write and compare whole numbers less than 1000.

    *I can tell time by the hour, half hour and quarter hour.

    *I can look at a picture or read a story problem and write an addition or subtraction number sentence.

    *I can draw pictures or use symbols to show how I solved a story problem.
Last Modified on August 28, 2014