2nd Quarter Curriculum

  • 2nd Quarter Communication Arts Curriculum
    *I can use correct grammar when writing and speaking.
    *I can use collective nouns and irregular plural nouns.
    *I can use reflexive pronouns.
    *I can use irregular past tense verbs.
    *I can use adverbs and adjectives to add detail to a sentence.
    *I can write, add-to, and rearrange sentences to make them interesting.
    *I can use what I'm reading to figure out word meaning.
    *I can use what I know about parts of words to figure out the meaning of other words.
    *I can use glossaries and dictionaries to find out the meaing of words I don't know.
    *I can identify real-life connections betweens words and uses.

    2nd Quarter Math Curriculum

    * I can use strategies such as math facts or rounding numbers to help solve math problems.

    *I can skip count by numbers less than ten.

    *I can estimate addition and subtraction problems using whole numbers.

    *I can use a coordinate graph to find and name locations with simple relationships on a map.

    *I can describe and extend simple numeric patterns and change from one representation to another.

    *I can describe how simple growing patterns are generated.

    *I can use the commutative and associative properties of addition.

Last Modified on August 28, 2014