Free & Reduced Lunch Information

  • Carl Junction R1 School District
    Food & Nutrition Department

    Carl Junction R1 School District Food & Nutrition Department welcomes you.  This letter is to inform you of our meal policy.  The Carl Junction School District participates in the National School Breakfast & Lunch Program.  We are an offer vs. serve district.  Four food items will be offered at breakfast and the student must take three of the four food items offered.  For lunch, we offer five meal components and the student must take three of the five components and one component must be either a fruit or vegetable.

    Reduced breakfast is .30 cents and Full Pay breakfast is $1.25
    Reduced lunch is .40 cents and Full Pay lunch for K-6 is $2.40, for 7-12 is $2.55 and Adults are $3.20

    Students K-3 are given a lunch ID card and students 4-12 have a lunch pin number. 

    Students are given a free/reduced meal application on the first day of school and at the time of enrollment.  Meal applications may be filled out at any time throughout the school year if needed.
    Reduced and full pay students are required to maintain a positive meal account balance. Once a student’s account reaches $5.00, a LOW balance notice is sent home via phone/email. This is a courtesy to you so that your child’s meal account will not fall into the negative.  Once a Junior/Senior High student’s account falls negative, we are not able to offer the student services.  Students K-6 may charge up to a negative $5.00, but services will not be offered after the negative $5.00.  Students will have the opportunity to call parent to make an on-line payment or to bring a meal to the student.  Students eligible for free meals, will need to keep a positive balance if they are getting extra milk with lunch tray, or getting milk with a meal from home, or extra portions at the Junior/Senior high level.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Becky Baird or Mary Matney at 417-649-7026.

    Becky Baird
    Food & Nutritional Services Director

    If you are unable to view or download the application, please call us at 649-7026.

    Download Application Here

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.