Cross Country Team

Cross Country Team

Cross Country Schedule

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  • 10 Reasons you should run Cross Country:

                1. Everyone Can Do It! – You can be in any type of shape to come out to run!

                2. It’s Inexpensive – You just need good running shoes!

                3. Great Way to Get In Shape – Get in shape for basketball, wrestling, girls soccer, baseball, etc. or just for yourself.

                4. It’s an Individual and Team Sport – Improve individually (set personal records) and help your team!

                5. You Feel Great When You Finish – It is fun to feel the accomplishment after a finished race.

                6. You Get To Complete Every Meet! – No sitting on the bench!

                7. It’s a Rewarding Sport

                8. Teammates Are Your Life Long Friends

                9. Team Feels Like A Family – Including Team Dinners!

                10. You Can Run For The Rest Of Your Life