• Employee Safety Training


    The document below indicates the topics for training and the tasks that must be completed by August 18, 2024. Documents can be found in the Forms Drive/Safety Folder and/or on the district website under Staff Links/Safety Training. Login for MUSIC Vector Training Videos



    Alcohol & Drug Abuse

    Policy GBEBA, GBEBB-2

    Bullying & Hazing

    Policy JFCF, Policy JFCG, MUSIC Video:  Bullying:  Recognition & Response Refresher (26 min.)


    Policy JO-1, Powerpoint in Staff Training Folder

    Copyright Law

    Policy EGAAA, Various Reading Materials in Training Folder

    Discipline Code

    Policy JG, JGA-2, JGE PBS/Code of Conduct/Handbooks for your building(s)

    Discipline students with disabilities

    Policy JGE, Power Point in Training Folder

    Discrimination & Harassment

    Policy AC, ACA, MUSIC Videos:  Discrimination Awareness in the Workplace (22 min.), 

    District–Student Wellness

    Policy ADF, District Wellness Plan

    Dyslexia Training

    7-12 - NEE EdHub Module Dyslexia and Learning (2 hours)

    K-6 - Training provided in-district on 8/15/24 & 8/16/24

    Emergency Operations Plan

    Policy EBC-1, EBCA, Emergency Operations Plan 2024-2025 (must be viewed in-district on Forms Dr.)

    Health-Related Training

    Communicable Disease Policy

    Policy GBE, JHCF, Powerpoint in training folder, MUSIC Video: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Training (17 minutes)

    Health-Related Training

    Allergic Reactions & Use of Epi-Pen

    Policy JHCF, Powerpoint in training folder

    Health Related Training Seizure Education

    Video: Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri and Kansas (25 minutes) - Video in Vector - New Staff Only 2024-2025

    Mandatory Reporting

    Policy GBH & JHG, Power Point in Training Folder


    Policy IGAC

    ·  School Violence

    ·  Active Shooter & Intruder Response Drill

    Policy JFCF, JFCG, EBC-1, Emergency Operations Plan, Armed Intruder ALICE Video 2019, Participate in Active Shooter drill with building

    Seclusion, Isolation & Restraint

    Policy JGGA, Power Point in Training Folder

    Student-Staff Relations

    Signs of Sexual Abuse 

    Policy GBH & JHG, MUSIC Video: Sexual Misconduct: Staff – To – Student Refresher (23 min)


    Suicide Prevention

    Policy JHDF, Materials in Staff Training folder


    Policy EHB, Electronic User’s Policy


Last Modified on May 30, 2024