Community Storm Shelter Rules

  • Community shelter occupants must adhere to some basic rules and conduct themselves orderly. Basic community shelter rules include the following:

    • During school hours, students and staff have priority for shelter occupancy.
    • The High School shelter is open to the public when a Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued and/or the tornado sirens have been sounded.
    • The shelter will remain open only until the warning is lifted. When the warning expires, the shelter must be evacuated.
    • A Shelter Manager and/or Shelter Supervisor is in charge and will be on duty to maintain the facility and close it after the tornado warning expires. Please always follow the Shelter Manager's or the school administrator's directions.
    • The shelter allows only certified service animals. Please bring the appropriate certification. Pets are not allowed.
    • Weapons are prohibited in the shelter and on all school property.
    • Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in the shelter and on all school property.
    • Alcohol and drugs (other than those prescribed by a doctor) are prohibited in the shelter and all school property.
    • Radios or music devices may be used only with individual earphones.

    Shelter occupants who do not adhere to the shelter rules or are disruptive to the orderly functioning of the shelter will be referred to security or local law enforcement personnel and may have to be removed from the facility.

Last Modified on May 6, 2024