• Minutes from the Carl Junction School District Wellness Committee - November 8, 2017 

    1. Members present:Michelle Duley, 2-3                                                  Christy Pittman, Wellness CoordinatorBecky Baird, Nutritional Services Director      Gary Reed, Assistant Superintendent       
    2. Jill Farley, Intermediate                                         Kristin Perry, Intermediate
    3. DJ Driskill, K-1                                                            Stacey Whitney, Lead Nurse
    4. Sonia Edwards, Junior High                                  Adam Neldeberg, High School
    5. Welcome—Gary Reed
    6. Compliance With Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Wellness Standards—Becky Baird
      1. We are compliant with the Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines in items sold through food service, but are less confident of compliance in relation to foods sold through fundraisers or school stores. Please inform us of areas of noncompliance where improvement is needed.
    7. Eat Smart Guidelines and District Policy ADF and the Use of Non-food Items as Rewards in Classrooms—Gary Reed

    The Committee considered providing recommendations and guidance to staff regarding this issue. However, based on progress being made by staff as reported from the committee, we do not plan to address this issue at this time.

    1. Wellness Activities for 2017-18—Christy Pittman
      1. At the health screening in August:           
        1. 33% of R-1 Staff normal weight
        2. 33% overweight
        3. 33% obese
        4. These numbers mirror national averages.
      2. Christy has conducted one weight loss contest with 35 participants and will do another contest after Christmas.
      3. Under Project Gratitude Christy collected 30 boxes of candy for our troops and will deliver the candy next week. Students who donated received toothbrushes donated by Dr. Rohmiller.
      4. We will review access to the Wellness Room and remind staff.
      5. Christy and Bridget May will attend an opioid conference at MSSU. Missouri is the only state that does not have a tracking mechanism, so opioid abuse in Missouri is likely well above national averages.
      6. Bridget May, high school nurse, is visiting Turning Point, Leawood, Kansas, to learn more about their services.
    2. Discussion Items from the Committee
      1. The district received notification from Freeman Hospital that we received the Bronze Award for wellness. We are investigating the criteria for this award and the Silver and Gold.

     Wellness Committee Minutes 11-8-17.docx