Residency within District Boundaries is Required

  • Based on the primarily district-based tax funding of Missouri Public Schools, it is a requirement that you must live (reside in, unoccupied land is not acceptable) within the boundaries of Carl Junction School District to attend our schools. You may find more details on the subject in our District Policies:

    JEC & JECA-2

    To view the boundaries of the CJ School District, view the map here. Or, if the address is in Jasper County, you may use the Public Access property website Beacon to search for the address. Once the result appears, if the School District listed is "R-1" then it is in the CJ District.

    Please call 417-649-5755 with any further questions.

    Within 30 days of enrollment, proof of residency must legally be provided. The only items accepted for this requirement are as follows:

    One of the following documents, dated within the last 60 days:

    • Real Estate or Rental Contract for a residence only, land contracts are not acceptable
    • Bill that proves that you actively reside in the home
      • Examples: water, electric, gas, or satellite/cable bill
    • Official Government-issued Letter (city, state, county, federal)
      • Examples: benefits, custody, taxes
    • Official change of address confirmation page from the Post Office or