This course meets the State and local Board of Education requirements for Physical Education. The emphasis in Physical Education is on physical fitness, principles and practices of physical health, mental health, methods used to assess health, reduce risk factors and the effects of media and technology on safety and health. Students will demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness, diet, weight control and effects of physical activity on the total person. Students will develop a personal physical activity plan that will include lifetime activities. Students also will demonstrate knowledge of health and wellness through physical activity. Participation is required. Students with medical restrictions should not enroll in this class. Written assignments cannot be used as an alternative to participation. Students may enter and leave this class at semester. Physical education uniforms are required for this class (gray t-shirt with a minimum of a 9" inseam red shorts) and may be purchased for $10.(One year, one-credit or one-semester, one-half credit for grades 9-12) This course can be repeated for credit.