• Carl Junction R-1 School District Gifted Program Rationale

    This program is designed to provide new and challenging learning experiences that are differentiated from the traditional classroom curriculum. It provides the format for gifted students to come together to challenge each other and to encounter other students with similar skills and talents.  Some gifted classes replace other classes required for graduation, while others are offered as electives.The program is offered under the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Guidelines for Gifted Programs. Students must meet eligibility requirements by scoring at or above the 95th%ile on either a norm-referenced achievement test or the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students and by scoring at or above the 95th%ile full scale or General Ability Index (GAI) on a norm-referenced individual intelligence test [WISC-IV (WISC-IV must be prior to June 1, 2016), WISC-V, or Stanford-Binet V, or WJ-IV-COG]. Two nominations from parents and school personnel are required, as well.


    Special curricular emphasis will be given to students in the areas of communication arts, math, science, social studies, and affective education for gifted students. Students in the gifted program will have learning experiences that differ in type, quality, level of mental ability, and expected results. The curriculum will provide opportunities for the student to develop abstract thinking skills, sharpen reasoning skills, participate in creative problem solving, and emphasize the high cognitive process.