• Computer Technology

    Computer Technology is designed to prepare the student for certification as a CompTIA A+ PC Repair Technician. CompTIA A+ certification nearly guarantees the student a well-paying position in the field of computer technology. Carthage Technical Center’s Computer Technology program is based on state of the art curriculum. Hands-on labs help to develop student competence. Students completing this course will gain knowledge on the various components used to build and upgrade personal computers, including CPUs, RAM, bus types and peripherals. They will install and configure various windows operating systems. (two-block, two-credit course for juniors) Juniors take Computer Technology along with Computer Support.


    Computer Support

    Through hands-on projects, written assignments, and lab simulations, students gain an understanding of the operation of computers, computer networks, Internet technologies, programming and 3D modeling fundamentals, and computer support.  The course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of computer concepts and essential skills necessary for work and communication in today’s society. Students enrolling in this course will learn to be effective communicators, problem solvers, technical writers, and basic IT technicians.  Responsibilities of computer support specialists include being the first point of contact for customers, remote troubleshooting, directing users through technical solutions, directing unresolved issues to the next level of support, recording issues and problems within support tickets, following-up and updating customer status and account information. (two-block, two-credit course for juniors) Juniors take Computer Support along with Computer Technology.


    Computer Programming

    This course uses C# as the programming language for software development; however, the basic programming concepts presented can be applied to a number of other languages. Instead of focusing on the syntax of the C# language, this course uses the C# language to present general programming concepts. This class introduces you to elementary algorithms and basic programming so that you can design and implement a variety of computer-based solutions. (One-block, one credit course for seniors) Seniors take 3D Modeling, Animation, & Game Development; and Computer Programming.


    Computer Networking

    The world runs on networks and you can run the network. First semester your introduction to the fundamentals of networking concepts and technologies will prepare you for exciting hands-on experiences that will add to your tech skills toolbox. Areas of study include: OSI model, TCP/IP model, MAC and IP addressing, cable installation, and basic LAN equipment setup. Second semester the course is designed to prepare students for the responsibilities of being a network administration technician using the Microsoft Windows Server family of server operating systems. It provides hands-on experience incorporating Microsoft’s client/server-based products such as Active Directory (AD), Internet Information Services (ISS), and Distributed File System (DFS). (One-block, one credit course for seniors) Seniors take Computer Networking along with District IT Internship; 3D Modeling, Animation, & Game Development; and Computer Programming.


    District IT Internship

    Would you like to get paid for going to school? This course offers students an opportunity to gain valuable on the job experience working as a paid intern for the school district’s technology department. Students utilize skills obtained in Computer Technology/Networking to assist in the support of the district’s 2500 plus personal computers. Students will setup and maintain computer labs, perform customer service call center activities, and troubleshoot computer and network issues across the district. (One-block, one credit course for seniors) 


    Tiger Tech Internship

    Use your technical computer skills to help your school and community. Gain valuable hands-on experience while troubleshooting and repairing teacher’s personal computers.  Set up labs for the IT courses and assist in maintaining the lab and classroom equipment. Prerequisites: Computer Technology and Computer Networking or Instructor approval (One-block, one credit course for seniors)