Supervised Business Experience students use their business and technology skills to work in Carl Junction and neighboring communities. Students will be released from school one or two designated blocks so that they can work 10 or 20 hours each week and receive pay and one hour of credit if released one block and work 10 hours a week, or receive two hours of credit if released two blocks and work 20 hours a week. Students must have the following: Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better, 90% attendance record to apply for the program in the spring of the previous year. Application submitted to teacher with teacher and employer approval.
    This program gives the student, teacher, and employer the opportunity to work together to help the student acquire the best skills possible for future employment. (Credit ranges from one-half to two credits depending on the number of blocks a student is enrolled. Practical art credit for grade 12, and standby seating for 11th only.) Prerequisite: Application process required. Students must also be concurrently enrolled in Global Business Technology or other business class that is taught by the SBE Instructor with permission. Students must obtain an approved job (on their own) before the first day of school. Students must maintain their job during the duration of the year. Students who become unemployed in excess of two weeks will be removed from the program and placed in alternate classes or ISS. Students may enter or leave at semester. If the student does not meet the required hours of work, they will receive a letter grade of "F."