3-D Design students will explore a wide variety of art media and techniques. Projects include media such as ceramics, foam, wire, paper, plaster, cardboard, and glass. Using design techniques students will create a range of conceptual, functional, and aesthetic forms. Students will explore aspects of professional art, participate in critiques, develop a portfolio, draft an artistic statement, and utilize technology to present portfolios in professional presentations. Students will exhibit work and strive to attain an individual artistic voice. 3-D Design II students will continue to develop advanced 3D design techniques. Emphasis will be placed on individualized goals and portfolio development as students prepare for the 3-D Advanced Placement 3D Art and Design Course. A fee of $30 will be required for supplies for each class. The fee may be higher depending on supplies required by each student. (One-credit, one-year fine arts elective. 3-D Design I: grades 10-12, 3-D Design II: grades 11-12)

    3-D Design I Prerequisite: Art I or DC Art Appreciation with a B average and instructor permission.

    3-D Design II Prerequisite: 3-D Design I with a B average and instructor permission.