This program is offered under the State Department guidelines for gifted and alternative programs. Students must meet eligibility requirements by scoring at the 96th percentile on an achievement test and by scoring at the 95th percentile on the WISC-IV individual intelligence test. This program is designed to provide a new and challenging learning experience that is not ordinarily included in the regular classroom curriculum. It provides the format for gifted students to come together to challenge each other and to encounter other students with similar skills and talents. The special emphasis in the senior program is on increased academic and career opportunities. The curriculum shall include the following areas of emphasis: (1) Identification and application of critical and creative thinking skills; (2) Preparation for college/career entrance and decision making; (3) Development of group process, leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication skills; (4) Scholarships and Financial Aid, and (5) Participation in individual or group projects that encourage self-directed learning, and (6) Ethics. (One-half credit, one-semester elective offered to seniors who qualify for the gifted program.)