• Part-Time Attendance & Early Graduation Guidelines

    1) Students must submit an application in the counseling office by the final day of school before Thanksgiving break. Due to the fact that the list of applicants must be reviewed and approved by the building principal and the Board of Education members, no applications will be accepted after the deadline.

    2) Applicants must have completed all CJHS credits required for graduation by the end of the 7th semester. This includes passage of the U.S. and Missouri Constitution Tests.

    3) CJHS pays annual tuition costs to Franklin Technology Center (FTC) and Carthage Technical Center (CTC) for the entire year of attendance. Therefore, FTC and CTC students who have completed all 29-credit graduation requirements may be approved for “part-time attendance” during the second semester, but they must continue to attend their FTC or CTC classes throughout the second semester. It should also be noted that two full years of attendance is required in order to complete FTC and CTC programs and certifications. FTC and CTC students (and their parents) who are interested in this option must sign a contract indicating that the student will abide by this part time attendance policy. FTC and CTC students who fail to continue to attend their FTC or CTC courses will not be permitted to participate in various senior activities (prom, senior trip, graduation ceremonies, etc.)

    4) The application for early graduation must be approved by—

    --parent or guardian
    --student’s school counselor
    --high school principal
    --Board of Education

    5) Students who (1) have the minimum credits required for graduation but (2) do not complete the eighth semester and (3) have not followed the procedure for early graduation will:

    --receive a diploma;
    --receive F’s on their transcripts for the eighth-semester classes; and
    --not be allowed to participate in any eighth-semester activities including graduation.

    6) The valedictorian and salutatorian must be eight-semester graduates. Students who take the early graduation option should be aware that it is very difficult to meet/complete the requirements for Honors Curriculum, President’s Award for Education Excellence, etc.

    7) Early graduates may participate in end-of-the year senior activities including prom and project graduation. It will be the student’s responsibility to stay in contact with his/her counselor and the main office in order to get information about senior and school activities. Although the student is considered a graduate, until the student officially receives a diploma in May, he/she is still required to follow the guidelines and policies of the school district when participating in school activities.

    8) Semester exams for early graduates will be scheduled for the final week of the semester. All early graduates will be required to attend classes that week and take exams according to the schedule. Once all finals are taken, the student must complete a check-out sheet and secure all required signatures. Early graduates are required to continue attending classes until the end of the semester.

    9) Should an early graduate applicant fail a course/courses he/she needs in order to graduate early, the student forfeits the early graduation privilege and will be required to attend 2nd semester as a full time student.