CJHS students have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of off-campus educational programs. These opportunities could include Franklin Technical Center, Carthage Technology Center, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Library Science, and Office Aide, among other courses. In such cases, students are responsible for any meetings, assemblies, or announcements that they might miss during the time that they are gone.

    Dual credit courses are taught by a Carl Junction High School teacher who is approved to teach at the college level. 

    CJHS students may also take online college courses. Dual enrollment courses are taught by a college professor, either online or on a college campus. Students must sign a waiver, allowing CJHS to communicate with the college regarding grades. In order to continue enrollment in a dual enrollment program, students must make no grade lower than a C in their prior semester high school courses and must have earned at least a C in the prior semester's dual enrollment college course. 

    Students who take dual enrollment courses during their Carl Junction High School regular schedule will earn the grade that is assigned by the college, and this credit will be placed on his or her transcript accordingly.  Typically, one CJHS credit will be awarded for a 5 hour dual enrollment class, and one half CJHS credit will be awarded for a 3 hour dual enrollment class. For every three-to-five credit hour college class in which he or she is enrolled, the student will have one semester block of his or her schedule designated as a "distance learning" class.

    Students who take dual enrollment courses outside of their 8-block schedule will have the grade and credit placed on the transcript upon request. The grade will not affect his or her GPA.

    Students who wish to replace a high school EOC-tested course with a dual enrollment course must first proficiency test out of that class with 90 percent scored on the first and second semester exams. Once the student passes the proficiency exam, he or she will be permitted to replace the EOC-tested class in his or her curriculum with the corresponding college class. The student must take the appropriate EOC at the conclusion of that dual enrollment class.

    Cost/fees of online courses and related materials are the responsibility of the student and are subject to change by the college.  It is the responsibility of the student to order and pick up any required books/materials prior to the first day of class.  All rented books must be returned directly to the college at the conclusion of the semester. 

    All online courses must be completed and grades received by CJHS by the end of each semester. College deadlines for online courses may be different than CJHS enrollment dates; consult college website for deadlines.

    Students who are approved to take online dual enrollment courses are required to follow the policies and guidelines of both Carl Junction High School and the college/university awarding credit. Since deadlines for withdrawal from courses differ between CJHS and colleges, the following rules will be applied for all students:

    • Students who withdraw from an online course after the CJHS course change deadline forfeit the privilege of enrolling in future online courses as part of their 8-period CJHS schedule.
    • Students who withdraw from an online college course prior to the midpoint of the 1st/3rd quarter will be placed in a seated, credit-bearing course.
    • Students who withdraw from an online college course after the midpoint of the 1st/3rd quarter will receive an “F” for that course on their high school transcript and will be assigned to ISS during their distance learning block for the remainder of the semester. 
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