This course is the first year of a three-year sequence.  Topics will include reinforcing basic arithmetic and exploring basic algebra topics such as the following: understanding the coordinate plane and plotting ordered pairs, simplifying expressions using order of operations, translating words to algebraic symbols, and solving basic one-step equations. Students will also explore basic geometry topics such as recognizing and identifying basic planar shapes and spatial objects, as well as understanding and drawing diagrams that introduce and reinforce basic terms. Students will be placed in this class upon analysis of assessment data and math department/counselor/administrative approval. This class is NOT open for enrollment. Enrollment by referral only. Students who pass this course will take Principles of Geometry the following year. Some colleges may not accept this class for admissions/certification, and NCAA will not accept this course for certification. It is important to get specific admissions information from college and NCAA websites. (One-credit, one-year course for grade 9.)