• CJHS Honors Curriculum and Valedictorian/Salutatorian

    The honors curriculum has been established to encourage participation in advanced academic classes. The valedictorian* and salutatorian* (determined after the midterm grading period of the 4th quarter of the senior year) must qualify as a graduate under the honors curriculum. A decision to participate in this program must be made early in order to complete prerequisites for the honors classes. Students completing the honors curriculum will be given special recognition at the end of their senior year. Also, to be eligible for valedictorian and salutatorian, a student must be enrolled within the school district prior to and continuously following the 10th school day of the student's senior year.

    Juniors and seniors who transfer to Carl Junction and who wish to participate in the honors curriculum must submit a written letter of request to the principal and must include course descriptions of possible honors courses from their previously attended school. Decisions regarding the admission of transfer students to the honors program will be made on an individual basis by the CJHS administration.

    G.P.A.: The minimum cumulative G.P.A. is 3.5. Students may have no transcript grade of D, F, W, or I in any course on the transcript, and no grade of P in any core course used to meet the Honors Curriculum unless required by IEP.

    *Valedictorians/Salutatorians must be eight-semester graduates. 
    Members of the class of 2021, 2022, and 2023 may petition to exclude semester grades for specific courses impacted by the 2020 COVID-19 school closure from the valedictorian/salutatorian calculation. The request form must be submitted to the counseling office by the end of the 7th semester of high school. Decisions will be made on an individual basis by CJHS administration. If an exception is granted, the student’s transcript will NOT be altered. This exemption applies to local recognition only.

    See the checklists below for class requirements.

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