• FLORAL & LANDSCAPE DESIGN (will be offered 2022-23)

    Floral & Landscape Design is a course that develops a basic understanding of production, arrangement, and retailing plants.  Students will be introduced to interior and exterior plant design, growth, and maintenance.  Students will have several opportunities for hands-on projects such as landscaping in the school and community.  Students will also gain experience in designing floral arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres for holiday and special occasions.  (One credit, one-year practical art for grades 11-12) Prerequisite: Agriculture Science I & II. (Juniors can take concurrently with Agriculture Science II, or teacher permission.) Dual credit opportunity through MSU. For dual credit, students in 11th and 12th grade must have an overall GPA of 3.0, or 11th and 12th grade students with overall GPA of 2.5-2.99 must provide signed letter of recommendation from principal OR school counselor AND parent or legal guardian.


    Students taking dual credit classes are encouraged to contact the college they plan to attend to check for credit transferability.  Some credits will be transcribed as elective credit if it is not required for a particular major or general studies requirement.  Contact the college/university website to locate a transfer equivalency chart.

    Click here for links to the transfer equivalency guides and general education requirements for the top five post-secondary schools that CJHS students attend (Crowder, Missouri Southern State University, Pittsburg State University, Missouri State University, University of Arkansas).