This is a hands-on laboratory-oriented course that will teach students the use of video production equipment, including broadcast-quality cameras.  The majority of course hours will be outside of the regular school day.  This class will be 80% broadcasting/20% class hours.  Attendance at after-school events is required for credit.  After-school activities include videotaping and coverage of sporting events, band and choir performances, graduation activities, and other significant school events in the district. This includes the set-up and break-down of the broadcast equipment.  Some videotaped events will be produced with the intent of being streamed live or rebroadcast on cable TV.  Since a great deal of time will be required outside of the school day, students must have schedules that can meet this requirement.  Students who have jobs must be able to schedule around required school events.  Students must also have access to transportation that would allow them to be on-time at scheduled events.

    This course is heavily based on student participation in the video production process as well as assigned activities outside of the school day.   Although most hours will be required outside of the school day, students will also be expected to check in during their regular 1/5 or 4/8 block class for any instructions for upcoming activities and/or video editing which will be done during that time.  There may be times when students will not be required to stay for the entire class.  Students will then be allowed to check out in the office and can leave the building.  Students must receive a pass from the instructor before leaving campus and have a driving waiver on file in the office. Students must complete an application to be enrolled in this course. Prerequisite: Multimedia  (one-year, one-credit practical art for grades 11-12)