• Franklin Technology Center

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  • CJHS Students have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of programs that may allow students to be "off-campus," such as Franklin Technology Center. Students are responsible for any announcements they might miss during the time they are gone

    Carl Junction High School juniors and seniors are eligible to attend a two-year vocational program at Franklin Technology Center (FTC). Students who enroll in Franklin Technology Center programs will attend classes at FTC for the first two blocks of the day and will then return to CJHS for their last two course blocks of the day. All tuition expenses are paid by the school (approximately $2,800 per year); however, students are responsible for all other expenses related to materials, tools, uniforms, etc. Students are required to utilize school-provided transportation to and from FTC.

    Each January, sophomores have the opportunity to tour FTC. CJHS administration has the final approval of all students attending FTC. Discipline records, attendance, grades, and progress toward graduation will be strongly considered. Students who are not on target to graduate with their class will not be allowed to attend FTC.

    Because FTC serves several area schools, CJHS receives a limited number of student enrollment slots in each program. Therefore, not all student requests for enrollment at FTC can be honored. Students who are accepted in an FTC program are expected to stay in the program for the full year. Once admitted into a program, students are required to maintain at least 90% attendance and a "C" or above grade in their program of study to remain eligible. Students who fall below these criteria must obtain a recommendation from their FTC Instructor to continue in their current program.

    *Students who are enrolled in FTC programs may have the opportunity to enroll in Dual Credit through Crowder College. Please contact FTC counselor or  course instructors with any questions.