The Freshman Reading course is designed to improve reading and critical thinking skills across the curriculum. Topics include vocabulary enhancement; extracting implied meaning; analyzing author’s purpose, tone, and style; and drawing conclusions and responding to written material. Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and analyze high school level reading material. The course provides directed practice in development of reading skills, emphasizing vocabulary skills, comprehension skills, and reading for core content areas. Vocabulary skills include dictionary use, word component, context clues, and multiple meanings of words. Comprehension skills include main ideas and support words signaling key concepts. Reading for content area includes effective textbook study methods, outlining, study mapping, summarizing, and textbook graphics. The course emphasizes discipline-specific reading and academic success skills through critical reading and reading efficiency. NCAA will not accept this class for certification. It is important to get specific information from the NCAA website. (one-half credit, one semester course for grade 9)