This course will meet the State and local Board of Education requirements for physical education. This class is designed for athletes who participate in one or more CJHS sports and is intended to enhance total body fitness. Course objectives will be to develop athletic components of physical fitness and increase knowledge of weight training principles, physical fitness, principles and practices of physical health, mental health, methods used to assess health, and reduce risk factors and the effects of media and technology on safety and health. Students will demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness, diet, weight control, and effects of physical activity on the total person. Athletes are expected to demonstrate proper lifting and spotting techniques while utilizing all weight room safety requirements. Workouts will be based on individual core lift maxes that will be tested every 9 weeks. Daily participation and dressing out is required. Any medical restrictions may result in a change of schedule. Written assignments cannot be used as an alternative to participation. Students who quit or are dismissed from a team and are not competing in another sport that year will be removed from the class immediately and will be placed in a physical education class if offered. Any sophomore, junior, or senior who did not finish a sport the previous year must complete the CJHS summer weight program or complete an entire sport season before being allowed to enroll in another physical training class. Any freshman can take this class even if he or she did not participate in a previous sport. However, if by the spring, a freshman has not played a sport, he or she will be moved into a physical education class if offered. Summer weight training is strongly recommended. Physical training uniforms are required for this class (Carl Junction T-Shirt and a 9" inseam red or black shorts) and may be offered for purchase. (One year, one-credit or one semester, one-half credit for grades 9-12) This course can be repeated for credit. EXCEPTION: removal due to medical reasons with a physician note. Students in this course may NOT concurrently enroll in Power Walking or Physical Education.