Emphasis in this yearlong class is on instructional technique and skill development in progressive resistance strength training.  In this class, students will meet five (5) days a week and will receive two (2) PE credits for the class.  Training will focus on core strength, Olympic lifts, plyometric movements, functional movement/strength, speed/agility and overall total body fitness and health--not only for athletic purposes, but also for a healthy lifestyle.  The primary goals of the class are to train the body to help with injury prevention/rehabilitation and individual strength and speed development.  The five (5) day week approach will allow the training program to have a more traditional approach of upper/lower body split routines along with the added benefit of plyometric activity, balance/stability, functional movement and core/neck strength each day.  Enrollment for this course will be limited, and students must complete an application to gain instructor approval. (One year, two-credit course for grades 10-12) Pre-requisites for this class are as follows:

    • One (1) full year of athletic training with the grade of an A  
    • Students must enroll in the class for the entire year.  Seniors who do not play a spring sport may be enrolled in the fall semester only. EXCEPTION: removal due to medical reasons with a physician note.
    • Physical training uniforms are required for this class (black t-shirt with a minimum of a 9" inseam red shorts) and may be purchased for $25.
    • This course can be repeated for credit.  
    • Students in this course may NOT concurrently enroll in Power Walking or Physical Education
    • Students must earn an A or A- for first semester in order to remain in the class second semester.