• Transcripts
    A certified transcript is the official, legal documentation of a student's grades.  Before enrollment at CJHS can proceed, an official transcript and withdrawal grades must be received directly from the previously attended school.  When a student transfers to CJHS, his/her letter grades will be entered as they appear on the official transcript received, and thus become part of their official CJHS transcript. 
    All summer school grades are recorded as Pass or Fail (P/F).
    Distance Learning grades will not affect student GPA or class rank unless they are taken as part of the required blocks, in which case they will be recorded using the standard CJHS grading scale.  Students who take a Distance Learning class in addition to the required (8) blocks as a requirement for graduation will receive a grade, but it will have no bearing on their GPA or class rank.
    If a student's grade point average and/or class rank would be improved by recalculation (i.e. to be more competitive for a scholarship or other approved post-secondary considerations), this can be done on an individual basis by the student's counselor.  If requested, an accompanying letter of explanation can be sent with the student's official CJHS transcript.  However, the official CJHS transcript will not be changed or altered in any way.
    Former and current CJHS students may request high school transcripts through the CJHS Counseling Office website.