• High School Proficiency Testing Policy
    The State Board of Education and each local board of education establish graduation requirements.  These requirements ensure that students demonstrate mastery of essential knowledge, skills, and competencies in several different subject areas.  Occasionally, a student may feel that he/she already possesses the knowledge, skills, and competencies required in a particular course.  This student may wish to take a proficiency test in this class in order to move ahead to a more advanced course.  In order to be eligible to do this, a student must:
    1. Understand that no state-required classes are eligible for proficiency testing (except Personal Finance).
    2. Make a written request to the principal at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester outlining which course he/she wishes to take a proficiency test in and how this would be educationally beneficial.
    3. Upon receiving tentative approval from the principal, meet with the principal, subject department head, counselor, course teacher, and parent to look at the course objectives and determine whether or not he/she feels confident enough to take the test.  A date for the test will then be set.
    4. Understand that the test must be taken outside of regular school hours.
    5. Understand that the test must be passed with 90% proficiency.
    6. Understand that the teacher will grade the test and will be the final judge of pass or fail.
    7. Understand that the student will see the results of the test, but may not have a copy of the completed test.
    8. Understand that no test may be repeated.
    9. Understand that no credit will be awarded for this class, but successful proficiency tests will be noted on the transcript.
    10. Acknowledge that this course of action may interfere with necessary knowledge and skills for future classes.