• AFJROTC III-(will be offered 2025-2026)

    Leadership Education 300: Life Skills and Career Opportunities, Second Edition provides an essential component of leadership education for today’s high school students. This course it is designed to prepare students for life after high school in the high-tech, globally oriented, and diverse workplace of the 21st-century. Students will learn how to save, invest, and spend money wisely, as well as how to avoid credit traps. They learn about real-life issues such as contracts, leases, warranties, legal notices, personal bills, money-saving strategies for grocery shopping, apartment selection, and life with roommates.

    In addition, students learn how to select a school that is right for them; how to apply for admission to a vocational or technical school, community college, or college/university; and how to succeed in these learning environments. Information is provided on how to conduct the job search for students who wish to enter the workforce right after high school or after additional education and training. They learn how to prepare a winning résumé, and how to develop effective interviewing skills. The text also provides information on working for the federal government to include careers in the military, aerospace industry, and public service. Finally, students will consider the most important elements of life skills for all Americans: civic responsibilities, such as volunteering, registering to vote, jury duty, and draft registration.

    The contents of this course have been completely rewritten and are structured around the Twelve Domains of Culture model developed by the Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC). The cultural domains in this model include family and kinship, political and social relations, sex and gender, economics and resources, sustenance and health, technology and material, religion and spirituality, aesthetics and recreation, language and communication, time and space, history, and myth, and learning and knowledge.

    This new course provides students with up-to-date information on exploring the concept of global awareness and the cultures of other regions throughout the world. It starts with an introduction of what global awareness is and the effects of technology on global culture. Students are then taken on a journey around the world, through different cultures in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Finally, the students will be provided cultural information regarding Canada and Mexico. (One-credit, one-year practical art for grades 11-12.) Prerequisites: AFJROTC I & II.